Some things are best discussed in social media, and some things are in instant messenger and chat apps. Other things are best discussed in forums. That's why we made this website.

Discussier is a website made by a web development company called Alexiuz. We hope to incorporate crypto in the near future. This might include NFT rewards for those participating in the discussions and oomph boosts for those owning trendy NFTs.

For more information about the acceptable use of Discussier, please check out the terms.

Discussier features

When you browse around Discussier, you'll notice that every user, thread, and post has an oomph value. Oomph is our way to determine what content should be displayed at the top of the forums and what content our users think is of low quality and should be displayed further down in the forums.

To earn oomph, your threads and posts need to receive replies and positive thumb-ratings. Negative thumb-ratings will drain oomph.

The more oomph you earn, the more oomph your threads and replies will start with.

Sponsored content

We're big fans of affiliate marketing and would love for our users to make money from affiliate programs and other forms of sponsored content. Make sure not to spam and provide value when you post content that is sponsored as well. Also, you need to make sure to mark sponsored posts and threads as sponsored.

About the company

Alexiuz AS
Gamlegrensa 8A,
3747 Skien, Norway
Email: email@discussier.com

This company was registered in 2017. We develop and operate websites.

Alexiuz is working on several crypto-related websites, including Otrai and Crypto Headline Aggregator.

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Please follow us on Twitter for updates. Those are also the channels you can use to contact us. We do appreciate feedback.