I am not the person that reads a lot of books on the topic, but I do ponder things like this a lot when I am out walking or just sitting and thinking about things.

It would be interesting to see what other users of the forum think happens after death and also what is beyond life in the physical realm.

Everything is possible I guess. 

Here are some of my ideas related to the topic that I'd love to have discussed in the forums.

Idea #1

Every living and dead person exists in another dimension. After death, your actions taken while alive are gone through by your peers and judged to detemine what your next life will be like.

Idea #2

All actions taken while alive are being rewarded or punished throughout your life. Like a karma system.

Idea #3

Before life starts, you buy or pick you fate - at least your starting point. Maybe in a shop on a spaceship in another time and space.

Idea #4

Life of humans are some sort of entertainment for the gods.

Idea #5

A person exists until he dies, after which, there is no more - for that person.